Trouble in the pickle jar

Meet the pickles

It's sometimes boring in the pickle jar. Some pickles like to play, some like to read in peace and some like to wrestle with each other. But not everyone is a fan of that. Our pickle named Tim likes to be left alone. It's his body after all! But what happens if the other pickles don't listen?

A little rhyming story about body boundaries including a finger rhyme and funny puns !

What readers say

“This book is absolutely precious. Anne's illustrations are adorable! My son loves looking at them and pointing out his favorite details. (My favorite was the book our star pickle reads haha.) I love the message that we need to be considerate of our friend's feelings while playing.

I'll be buying Anne's books for my kiddos for years to come. :)”-
Tanya MKD, writer of New Identity

“I thought Anne couldn’t surpass the book “When things get to loud,” but I’m pleasantly surprised again. The book is short, sweet and instructive. Children will love the rhyme, it is easy to remember like sweet children’s songs, and the lesson at the end of the book touches straight to the heart. All of you who have children, do not hesitate, buy a book, they will like it. And you who don't have children yet, buy for yourself to remember that sometimes it's okay to say no. :)”-Sindy Oroz

“My son is three, and we really make a point to emphasize consent and body autonomy, how to listen to others about their boundaries and respect them. I was so excited to have the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book, and for it to help expand the conversation in our house about this topic. Plus, the illustrations and delivery of the story make the ideas so accessible and understandable for little ones! We all loved it in our house”- Cass Belka

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