Talk about a one year anniversary!

When things get too loud won second place!

New cover alert!

Let’s celebrate our one year anniversary with a bang! Bo got a new cover and updated interior AND the book is now also available in hardcover! Just click below to pre-order at Barnes& Noble!

Makeover time!

We are approaching the first year anniversary of WHEN THINGS GET TOO LOUD! Therefore we are happy to announce new covers for all 3 editions! Stay tuned for the

When things get too loud

Tiny Horse’s first book! Written and illustrated by Anne Alcott.

Follow BO as he navigates a day full of emotions and difficult to express feelings, that is until he meets a little friend who helps him cope.


Would your kids like to make their own FEEL-O-METER? Maybe color in their own snail friend? You can find free printable down below!

A story about sensory overload

When the world gets too much Bo feels his Feel-O-Meter go from 1-10. Noises, smells, sounds, the world can be an overwhelming place. One day, Bo’s numbers climb too quickly and all he wants to do is hide. But then he makes a remarkable little friend….

When things get too loud is a story about sensory overload, how it feels, what can trigger it and what may help. The Feel-O-Meter provides the child and parents with a visual guide through emotions and the book comes with ideas to cope with overwhelming situations.

Explore the Feel-O-Meter, meet a tiny snail and learn about coping strategies.

What readers say

“This book is a wonderful story that even as an adult, I could relate to. It is so important to remember that often things get too loud, too much for many of us, especially children, and we need that space to breath and collect ourselves.

The rhyming tale is easy to follow and makes reading it out loud a delightful and soothing time. It warmed my heart so much to follow Bo in his day and experience what he was. I think this book is great for parents, teachers, and anyone who often feels like Bo does. It explains what that experience is like in a thoughtful, smart way with the Feel-O-Meter and sights, sounds, and smells.

Anne Alcott has written something special, enchanting, and honest. Not only that but the illustrations are joyful, bright, and charming. The book is destined to be a classic in my household and I hope in many others.”-
Rachel Riendeau

“Anne is so talented. She tells this story of a boy being overwhelmed by sensory overload, and overcoming it with the help of a new little friend, in such a beautiful and educational way. And, to top it off, she also gives each page LIFE with her illustrations.

I’m so impressed with this book!!

I highly recommend it to all parents and little ones 😊🐌”-
Tanya MKD, Author of New Identity

This book does a beautiful job of introducing a big topic in an age appropriate way. For any teacher, parent, or professional, it allows you to begin a meaningful discussion about how someone might react to stimulus in their environment. As a teacher, I love when books help you introduce topics to students so they can be more accepting and empathetic to those around them. This book does that. Bravo!”-Sarah Allison, Teacher

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